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June 15th 2023

Summer Survival Tips for Teens with Braces

teens with braces summer philadelphia orthodontistsIf you are a teen with braces or the parent of a teen with braces, keep the following survival tips in mind to get through the summer seamlessly. This is the time of year to let go and enjoy, but it’s important to make sure orthodontics are still a top priority so you can avoid damage, pain, or unplanned trips to the orthodontist.

Keep a Braces Travel Kit

For teens with braces who are on the go all summer long, whether to day trips, camps, or work, always keep a braces travel kit handy. Make sure it’s packed with all the same goodies that are in there during the school year, including:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Orthodontic dental floss
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Interdental brushes
  • Case for appliances or Invisalign trays

This travel kit should be ready to go for vacations too. No matter how long you’re traveling or where, this complete kit can keep your braces clean and clear and in good condition.

Watch What You Eat

Summer is the season of ice cream and frozen treats, most of which do not threaten any brackets and wires. Invisalign wearers are fortunate because they only need to remove their trays to dig into the foods they love most. When permanent hardware is in place though, be careful with the cravings and follow these tips:

  • Don’t eat sticky foods like taffy
  • Do enjoy soft fruits
  • Don’t eat crunchy treats like candy apples
  • Don’t eat corn on the cob unless you cut the kernels off
  • Do brush and floss after every meal
  • Do drink water to rinse your mouth if you can’t brush

It only takes a second to snap a wire, damage a bracket, stain Invisalign Teen aligners, or get foods good and stuck in between your braces.

Maintain a Routine

It’s tempting to let go of all routines once school is over for the year. In fact, it can be a relief to just sit back and truly relax. It’s important to make sure that braces aren’t one of the things that fall to the wayside no matter what time a teen is waking up or going to sleep.

Keep that morning and evening cleaning routine, and if you have the space and time, throw in another teeth-brushing throughout the day to get your smile looking extra good. Your Philadelphia orthodontist will notice the difference in the health of your teeth and hardware.

Protect Your Orthodontics

For anyone who plays summer sports or goes to camps with athletics and interactive options, arm yourself with a mouth guard customized for braces. There may not be any organized teams during the summer months, but there are still dental accidents waiting to happen when someone falls, gets hit with a ball, or collides with another player. Your orthodontist can fit you with a personalized sports guard made of high-grade silicone that acts as a cushion and prevents tissue damage.

Spending Your Summer in Braces

Seeking more tips to get through summer with braces? Schedule a consultation with Philadelphia Orthodontists and talk to Drs. Roberts or de Marsche in Center City about best practices for the best summer ever. Contact us today.

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