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December 17th 2023

Invisalign: A Low-Maintenance New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolution Invisalign philadelphia orthodontistsIf we’re honest with ourselves, we all love a good New Year’s resolution that helps us be a better version of ourselves – without requiring a ton of work from us in the process. While most resolutions don’t work that way, Invisalign does. Once you’ve qualified as a candidate for this treatment and gotten the process started, you can get a better, healthier smile, almost as if by magic.

A Reasonable Timeline for Change

The average Invisalign timeline is about one year for most patients. Some require a little longer if they have more complex alignment and bite issues to correct. Some people only need several months of treatment if they merely have minor gaps and a few crooked teeth to fix. No matter where your oral health falls on the spectrum, if you start Invisalign at the New Year, by the time the next year rolls around you’ll have a stunning new smile.

Your Work Requirement Is Minimal

Invisalign patients have just a few important jobs when it comes to making this treatment work as effectively as possible:

  • Wear the trays 20 to 22 hours a day.
  • Remove the trays for meals and snacks.
  • Clean the trays and your teeth often.
  • Switch to new trays as instructed by your orthodontist.

It’s All Figured Out for You

The Invisalign plan is already in place. It’s simply a matter of you following the rules to see results. You don’t have to forge a new path or figure out how to make something work for you. Your Philadelphia orthodontist does the job of laying out your treatment from the start – then you simply follow the rules. Before you know it, you’ll see your resolution coming to life right in the mirror.

All You Have to Do Is Commit

Sometimes the toughest thing about a New Year’s resolution is committing to it. The good thing about Invisalign is that once you’re all in, you’re all in for the long haul. If you’ve said yes to treatment, paid your deposit, and scheduled your appointments, those clear aligners will begin to arrive and you’ll begin to wear them around the clock. Your lifestyle only needs to shift enough to make room for your attention to the needs of Invisalign. Those clear trays do the rest.

A New Year’s Resolution That Delivers

Maybe you’re not the one who’s seeking a barely noticeable but wholly impactful New Year’s resolution. Maybe it’s your teenager. In that case, it’s time to talk to Philadelphia Orthodontics in Center City about Invisalign Teen and whether this is a viable option for your braces-ready child. No matter who’s ready for a new smile, Invisalign is the resolution that will truly give you teeth that make you look, feel, and be the best version of yourself. Contact Drs. Roberts and de Marsche to learn more.

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