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January 22nd 2024

Help Your Teen Prepare for Braces

help teens prepare for braces philadelphia orthodontistsTeens may or may not be able to envision themselves wearing braces or imagine what their existence will be like when they have brackets and wires on their teeth or Invisalign trays. The reality is they won’t grasp the day-to-day feeling of being an orthodontic patient until those braces are firmly in place. Spend some time before their big visit to the orthodontist by helping your teen prepare for braces.

Stay Positive

Some teens are excited about getting braces, others want nothing to do with the process and dread the restrictions they’ll have (no gum). Empathize, but stay positive. There are plenty of great reasons to get orthodontics besides developing a straight smile:

  • Teeth will be stronger and healthier.
  • Aligned teeth are easier to floss and clean, lowering the chance of tooth decay.
  • Minimized likelihood of teeth grinding and clenching.
  • Reduced chance of TMJ problems or jaw pain.
  • Lower risk of enamel erosion and gum recession.

Pointing out the benefits of braces can keep your teen feeling good about enduring minimal and temporary discomfort for a straight smile.

Manage Expectations

If you’re unsure how some intricacies of orthodontics will work, the timeline, or what your child will have to endure, the less said the better. Allow your orthodontist to address the specifics with your teen and encourage your child to ask all the questions they have of the expert, like:

  • How long will it take to put the braces on?
  • How long will I have to wear braces?
  • How much is this going to hurt?
  • What foods can I really not eat?
  • How often do I have office visits?
  • Will the braces make me look different?

If you’re still in the planning stage of orthodontics, get details about metal braces vs. ceramic braces vs. Invisalign Teen. Not every teenager is a good candidate for all three options, but you might be surprised to discover what’s possible and affordable. Your teen might surprise you too in preferring to stick with conventional braces and avoid something more discreet. Your orthodontist will guide you.

Get on Their Wavelength

Some of a teen’s biggest concerns regarding braces is: “Will they make me look stupid?” and “Do I have to follow all those food rules?” As a parent, your time might be best spent working with your teen to develop a rotating menu that will allow them to get the nutrients they need without putting too much pressure on their teeth.

Once they feel good about still being able to eat some of the things they love, you can talk about image. Teens take selfies, make videos, and digitally document their daily life. Encourage them to highlight their orthodontic journey and make the most of fun accessories, like colorful rubber bands. Braces aren’t all bad – they’re a temporary inconvenience for a lifetime of looking and feeling good.

Prep Your Teen for Orthodontics

Get support as you help your teen prepare for braces. Schedule a consultation with Philadelphia Orthodontics in Center City to find out what kind of orthodontics are right. Contact Drs. Roberts and de Marsche to learn more.

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