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January 22nd 2024

Help Your Teen Prepare for Braces

help teens prepare for braces philadelphia orthodontistsTeens may or may not be able to envision themselves wearing braces or imagine what their existence will be like when they have brackets and wires on their teeth or Invisalign trays. The reality is they won’t grasp the day-to-day feeling of being an orthodontic patient until those braces are firmly in place. Spend some time before their big visit to the orthodontist by helping your teen prepare for braces. (more…)

December 17th 2023

Invisalign: A Low-Maintenance New Year’s Resolution

New Years resolution Invisalign philadelphia orthodontistsIf we’re honest with ourselves, we all love a good New Year’s resolution that helps us be a better version of ourselves – without requiring a ton of work from us in the process. While most resolutions don’t work that way, Invisalign does. Once you’ve qualified as a candidate for this treatment and gotten the process started, you can get a better, healthier smile, almost as if by magic. (more…)

November 20th 2023

Choose the Braces Color That Suits Your Personality

braces color philadelphia orthodontists When you’re on the journey to a straight smile, it’s important to embrace the effort it takes to achieve such a feat. Braces are a lifestyle, and if you’re all in, you get to enjoy the fun side of things along with the technical stuff – like choosing the braces colors that are right for you. (more…)

October 20th 2023

4 Ways to Keep Invisalign Braces Safe on Halloween

protect Invisalign braces on halloween philadelphia orthodontistsHalloween and orthodontics don’t always seem like the best combination. However, if you do some smart planning, whether you’re wearing Invisalign braces for adults or Invisalign Teen, you can get through this festive time without any damage to your aligners or problems with your teeth. (more…)

September 26th 2023

What to Do If You Have a Broken Bracket

broken bracket philadelphia orthodontists roberts and de marscheThe brackets and wires of conventional metal braces are very strong, but they’re not invincible. Plenty of orthodontic patients have experienced a broken bracket or two in their treatment time. While braces damage is an inconvenience, it can quickly cause discomfort and, most importantly, interfere with the progress of your alignment. (more…)

August 21st 2023

Back-to-School Survival Guide for Invisalign Teen Patients

Invisalign Teen back to school Philadelphia OrthodontistsAny tween or teen who began Invisalign Teen treatment this summer has a big milestone ahead of them – going back to school with braces. Invisalign, though, is not too demanding. This treatment does require attention to detail and dedication to care, but once you have a routine in place, all should go smoothly in and out of the classroom. (more…)

July 17th 2023

3 Ways to Make Braces Part of Your Identity

braces identity invisalign philadelphia orthodontistsMany orthodontic patients feel like their braces are going to take over their identity. They worry that the brackets and wires or trays will be so obvious that the braces are the only thing other people can see. The truth, however, is that patients have the power when it comes to straightening their teeth and sporting metal or plastic. Here are just three ways to make braces part of your identity. (more…)

June 15th 2023

Summer Survival Tips for Teens with Braces

teens with braces summer philadelphia orthodontistsIf you are a teen with braces or the parent of a teen with braces, keep the following survival tips in mind to get through the summer seamlessly. This is the time of year to let go and enjoy, but it’s important to make sure orthodontics are still a top priority so you can avoid damage, pain, or unplanned trips to the orthodontist. (more…)

May 22nd 2023

4 Smart Invisalign Habits to Adopt Immediately

Invisalign habits Philadelphia orthodontistsWhenever you decide to invest in Invisalign for yourself or Invisalign Teen for your adolescent, adopting good habits makes the treatment much easier to manage and tolerate. Invisalign doesn’t take a lot of work – after all, the trays are in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours a day and all you need to do is wear them. But your choices and behavior impact whether treatment is successful, easy, and comfortable. (more…)

April 20th 2023

How Orthodontics Can Reflect Your Personality

personality braces orthodontics center city philadelphiaSome orthodontic patients don’t have a choice about the type of dental braces they’re best suited for. The condition of their teeth and bite indicates exactly the treatment they need. Others with less complex misalignment have more options. Whichever category you fall into, the orthodontics you opt to undergo can be tweaked to suit your personality from beginning to end. (more…)

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