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July 17th 2023

3 Ways to Make Braces Part of Your Identity

braces identity invisalign philadelphia orthodontistsMany orthodontic patients feel like their braces are going to take over their identity. They worry that the brackets and wires or trays will be so obvious that the braces are the only thing other people can see. The truth, however, is that patients have the power when it comes to straightening their teeth and sporting metal or plastic. Here are just three ways to make braces part of your identity.

1. You Are a Minimalist

When you are drawn to the most discreet, subtle, and soothing options, Invisalign will be your ideal choice when it comes to orthodontia. If you qualify for this option, you will have:

  • Clear, nearly invisible aligners for top and bottom teeth
  • Smooth trays that do not jab or poke soft tissues
  • Simultaneous movement of teeth crowns and roots
  • Expedited treatment time

People who want Invisalign don’t really want anyone to know they’re straightening their teeth. Whether you worry about having braces professionally or personally, Invisalign seamlessly fits into your lifestyle so you can speak and smile confidently and eat happily without any restrictions.

2. You’re an Introvert

If you aren’t a good candidate for Invisalign or Invisalign Teen but you wish to fly under the radar as much as possible when it comes to orthodontics, talk to your Philadelphia orthodontist about clear braces. These are made of either tooth-colored ceramic or clear materials that blend in with your teeth, so they are far less noticeable than metal hardware.

When it comes to switching out elastics at every appointment, you can choose white or clear to ensure that the blending remains aesthetically consistent and doesn’t draw too much attention. You might just find that your braces become one of your most emblematic traits and feel proud to wear them and show them off.

3. You Love Attention

You don’t have to be eager for metal braces and wires to make the most of this orthodontic option (but it certainly doesn’t hurt). If everyone can already see your braces anyway, one of the best features of conventional braces is the option to change the color of the elastics holding your wires in place – and this happens at every checkup, about every eight weeks.

You can select your two favorite colors and alternate them on your teeth, choose elastics that represent your chosen sports teams, opt for a rainbow, or stick with one solid color. The combinations are many so you can engage with your braces and make them a fun part of your wardrobe, personality, or the season.

Identify with Your Philadelphia Braces

Braces are available in so many options, they can almost always be tweaked to suit your personality, identity, and lifestyle. Find out what kind of alignment help you need with a consultation with Drs. Roberts or de Marsche in Center City and learn what types of orthodontics are right for you. Schedule a consultation at Philadelphia Orthodontists.

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