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October 15th 2019

Wearing Invisalign on Halloween? 4 Things You Need to Remember

Invisalign patients don’t have to worry about their Halloween being interrupted by orthodontics. However, there are some important rules for wearers of Invisalign to remember at Halloween time, so treatment isn’t derailed for one super-sweet holiday.

1. Eat whatever candy you want, just be careful.

There are no food restrictions for Invisalign-wearers. This is great because it means you can eat whatever chewy, crunchy, gummy, sticky Halloween sweets you love the most – the candy apples, caramel, taffy, gum, lollipops, jawbreakers, chocolate bars, and more.

However, this is not so great because if you aren’t diligent about cleaning your teeth before snapping Invisalign back in place, you’re trapping your tooth enamel in tight with sugar and bacteria. And that’s a major invitation for tooth decay. Plus, whether you wear braces or not, so much junk isn’t good for anyone’s teeth, so clean up carefully to protect yourself from dental problems.

2. Time indulgences carefully.

One of the most important rules of Invisalign is that the clear aligners must be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day. If you factor in three meals and two careful cleaning sessions, that doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. So, you want to make smart decisions about how much candy you’re eating and when.

Many Invisalign patients have a careful plan for when they remove their aligners. Some don’t want to remove Invisalign any more than necessary. This might mean scheduling to have some Halloween candy during dinner. Or it may mean they choose to forgo a smoothie that day in favor of a few minutes of sweets. Just watch the clock to make sure you’re still wearing Invisalign long enough when Halloween treats beckon from the kitchen counter, candy basket, or office stash.

3. Don’t try to be sneaky.

One little piece of candy – you can just take a nibble and it won’t hurt, right? Wrong. Invisalign is not meant to be in your mouth when you’re eating. You’re not supposed to bite into things or chew with your aligners in place. Invisalign is durable, but your teeth are very strong. The pressure they exert while chewing could be enough to put a crack in your aligners or damage them otherwise.

Eating or drinking with your aligners in also creates an opportunity for stains to set in. The point of Invisalign is to have orthodontics that aren’t noticeable. If you get a little lazy and leave in the aligners, especially when drinking coffee or soda, you’re setting yourself up for discoloration, and that won’t be a secret for long.

4. You can still have a good time.

Because Invisalign must be worn for the majority of each day, you can’t remove the aligners for trick-or-treating or the Halloween party or to put in your vampire fangs (maybe choose a different costume). While there are some compromises that must be made when you wear Invisalign, the benefits are innumerable. No one will see your aligners, they won’t interfere with your costume, and your teeth will look better than they have.

Find out whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign or another type of dental braces. Enjoy Halloween this year and every year with gorgeous, straight teeth. Schedule a consultation with Drs. Roberts & de Marsche, Philadelphia orthodontists and Invisalign providers located in Center City.

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