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January 23rd 2020

You Do Have Time for Invisalign

time for Invisalign provider philadelphia orthodontistsYes, Invisalign is a commitment. Any type of orthodontic treatment is a commitment. However, Invisalign takes less time than most braces. And if you’re finally ready to get the straight teeth you want, Invisalign is the quickest, most discreet route to success.

Every Day

There is one main daily obligation where Invisalign is concerned and it’s very simple: Wear the aligners. Every day. All day. Even while you sleep. For 22 hours a day. This just takes dedication.

Invisalign is different than conventional dental braces because you aren’t a slave to permanently attached brackets and wires, but those aligners still need time to do the difficult work of moving tooth roots and crowns – and that requires you wear Invisalign all the time.

Aligners are only removed for meals and cleaning your teeth. You can go about your daily activities without interruption, whether that’s work, school, or play. No one needs to know you’re wearing Invisalign or that it’s part of your routine unless you care to share.

And, of course, you must clean your aligners every day and after meals but before you snap the aligners back in your mouth. This will add only a few minutes to your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Every Two Weeks

Most Invisalign aligners are changed out every two weeks. Every visit to your orthodontist, you will receive several sets of aligners to keep you going until your next dental visit. It’s your responsibility to change the aligners according to the schedule your Philadelphia Invisalign provider gives you.

While it may seem like you can slack a little on cleaning your aligners or even with taking them out for drinking things like coffee or soda, don’t do it. They can and will stain quickly. Invisalign isn’t meant for eating and drinking and should be removed every time you ingest something but water. Two week goes quickly – you’ll be happy to change the aligners when it’s time, but there’s no need for them to get gross in the meantime.

Every Six Weeks or So

You will see your Philadelphia orthodontist regularly to pick up your next sets of aligners and for check-ups to make sure Invisalign is working and your teeth are moving as they should and at the rate that they should. Wearers of metal braces must see their orthodontist once a month, and there are often emergency visits in between to tend to broken or painful brackets and wires.

Invisalign is smooth, streamlined, and self-sufficient – unless you damage or lose an aligner, you shouldn’t have to see your Invisalign provider any more than usual.

A New Smile in No Time 

You can still eat your favorite foods and participate in your favorite activities when you wear Invisalign. Truly, the only thing you have to make time for is a little extra cleaning of your teeth and visits to your orthodontist. You can make that work if you really want a straight smile, and the many benefits of Invisalign as orthodontic treatment far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Take the time to schedule a consultation with Drs. Roberts & de Marsche, Philadelphia orthodontists and Invisalign providers located in Center City, to find out if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary alignment method.

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