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February 19th 2020

Learn How to Love Your Dental Braces

love your dental braces philadelphia orthodontists center city“Love” and “braces” may not always have a place in the same sentence, but any orthodontist will insist that, along the way, most patients learn to love their dental braces. Anticipation is half the battle when it comes to embracing dental braces. When you wait and worry and wonder about all the things you might feel or that might happen with braces, you build it up in your head into something far bigger than it will ever actually be.

Whatever is keeping you on the fence about dental braces, reason it out and just say yes. You’ll be thankful you decided to straighten your smile and consider yourself silly for having stalled so long. There are many reasons to love your brackets or aligners.

Your Teeth Will Be Healthier

Straight teeth are easier to clean and they are far less susceptible to tooth decay. Cavities easily develop between teeth that are crooked or overlapping and difficult to floss between or brush thoroughly. Sure, if you’re wearing conventional metal braces, cleaning will be a bit of a challenge for a while, getting in between all those brackets and wires, but your smile will end up perfectly aligned, and easy to keep clean. If you are an Invisalign patient, brushing and flossing remains the same – easy and uninterrupted – you just have to do a little more cleaning than usual.

They’re Kind of a Fun Accessory

There are some orthodontic patients who want no part of brace face or metal mouth. Fair enough. They may opt instead for ceramic, tooth-colored braces that blend in with tooth enamel, or they may be a good candidate for Invisalign and those clear aligners.

Even so, the people who do have brackets and wires often have fun with the rubber bands that are part of their hardware, changing the colors of them regularly to represent sports teams, their school colors, or favorite shades. Wearing braces is a lifestyle – might as well embrace it.

You Could Qualify for Invisible Braces

If you really want to find an orthodontic patient who loves their treatment, look for someone who wears Invisalign. When you qualify for this tooth alignment method, you wear nearly invisible aligners for the whole of your treatment. They’re very thin, very snug, and worn so close to your teeth that they’re barely noticeable. Getting straight teeth discreetly – now that is something to love.

You Will Look Better

No matter what kind of braces you end up wearing, ultimately, you will complete your treatment with a perfectly aligned smile – and that was the goal all along. Your teeth will look better, your smile will be amazing, your entire face will be enhanced. And think of what great selfies you can post to your social media profile showing off your gorgeous teeth, whether during or after treatment.

Find Out What Dental Braces Are Right for You

Ready to get started on your orthodontic journey? Schedule a consultation with Drs. Roberts & de Marsche, Philadelphia orthodontists and Invisalign providers located in Center City, to find out what dental braces are right for you.

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