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March 11th 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign Teen

invisalign teen center city philadelphia orthodontistsThere is Invisalign and then there is Invisalign Teen. The latter is specifically designed for the adolescent age group, with special features that make it a viable option for busy, distracted, growing teens. Your Philadelphia orthodontist will guide you on what’s best for your child’s teeth, but Invisalign Teen could be an option.

There Is Room for Growing Teeth

Orthodontic treatment can typically begin after all baby teeth have been lost, but all adult teeth do not necessarily need to be in place already. Invisalign Teen is designed to allow for growth and has placeholders for teeth that have not yet erupted. When teeth finally break through the gum, Invisalign Teen aligners will be ready to mold and guide them.

Nearly Every Alignment Problem Can Be Fixed

Invisalign Teen can correct nearly every alignment issue that metal braces can fix. You may think your child is automatically disqualified from Invisalign because of the way their teeth look. However, even teens with class II malocclusions are potential candidates for Invisalign Teen.

This advanced orthodontic system can straighten teeth, improve bite and chin appearance, move the jaw forward, and fix underbites, overbites, open bites, and more. Your experienced Philadelphia orthodontist will do his or her best to accommodate your hopes for a discreet orthodontic journey.

Teens Will Not Be Able to Slack

Every Invisalign Teen aligner comes with blue wear indicators toward the very back of each tray. These small dots wear off as days and weeks pass, letting your Philadelphia orthodontist know whether the trays are being worn for the proper amount of time or not. It’s like a little insurance policy for parents who worry that their teens will slack on the rules of Invisalign and make the investment hardly worthwhile. That being said…

Your Teens Will Do the Work

Most teens are so delighted to qualify for Invisalign that they are more than willing to put in the work and commit to the rules of this orthodontic treatment. Adolescence is difficult enough to navigate. Being able to take some of the pressure off and avoid embarrassment about dental braces is a gift to teens. They’re smart enough to realize their good fortune and Invisalign research has shown that teens may be more compliant than adults when it comes to wear time, taking care of trays, and cleaning their teeth.

There Is a Lot of Freedom

Because Invisalign is removable, it is important to reinforce with any wearer the necessity of keeping the trays in for 20 to 22 hours a day. Simply knowing that the freedom to remove the aligners is always present, though, can help many orthodontic patients relax because they are in control of their braces instead of it being the other way around. Teens can still eat whatever foods they love when undergoing Invisalign Teen treatment – they just have to take their trays out before digging in. And brushing and flossing are that much easier too when you don’t have brackets and wires to clean around.

Find out if your child qualifies for Invisalign Teen. Schedule a consultation with orthodontists Drs. Roberts or de Marsche in Center City, Philadelphia to learn more. Contact us today.

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