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August 17th 2021

Just Get Braces? 6 Back-to-School Tips

back to school braces philadelphia orthodontistsGetting used to dental braces is one thing. Getting used to braces and going back to school is quite another. Plan ahead and stay positive to help make the transition to a new school year easier. Here are some back-to-school tips that can help parents, tweens, and teens make the adjustment, whether you’re wearing braces, Invisalign Teen, interceptive orthodontics, or a retainer.

1. Carry a Dental Kit

Braces require ongoing upkeep and being at school all day won’t change this demand. Create a dental kit for your teen’s backpack that includes toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, dental picks, and wax (to correct a poking wire in a pinch). They’ll always be prepared to take care of their braces during the day.

2. Establish and Maintain a Cleaning Routine

One of the best ways to ensure that braces or Invisalign get the proper care is to establish and maintain a good cleaning routine. Brushing and flossing twice a day minimum is the first step, but determining when other cleanings will take place during the school day is the second step. Will it be after lunch? After school but before an afterschool club or sport? Take some time to work out the kinks, then stick to the routine.

3. Stock Up on Soft Foods

The regular foods your tween or teen loves may be off the table for a while with traditional braces because of food restrictions that prevent brackets and wires from suffering damage. Plus, teeth will be sensitive and sore, so softer foods will be more easily managed. Only wearers of Invisalign Teen can avoid the food restrictions because as long as their trays are out they can eat whatever they want.

4. Get a Sports Mouthguard

If your teen is always on the move on the field, court, or rink, talk to your orthodontist about the best kind of sports mouthguard to help protect their braces while they play sports. The last thing you want is a fall, collision, or blow to the mouth causing serious damage to their braces and mouth.

5. Carry Your Case

For those who wear Invisalign Teen or have a retainer as part of interceptive orthodontics or post-braces wear, always carry your case so you have it at the ready. Appliances need to be removed before meals but stashing them in a napkin or in a pocket isn’t ideal. It’s a sure recipe for throwing them away or damaging the hardware. If you always have your case at the ready, it’s easy enough to stash that and keep your orthodontic equipment safe while you enjoy your meal.

6. Game Plan with Your Philadelphia Orthodontist

Your Philadelphia orthodontist wants to help every patient succeed in their orthodontic journey. Wearing braces of any kind is a commitment, and it’s essential to understand what you’re committing to, why it’s important, and why following the rules during school is so important.

Talk to Dr. Roberts or Dr. de Marsche about surviving school while wearing braces and get their tips for making braces-wearing a success. Contact us to schedule a consultation in Center City.

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