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December 14th 2021

End Your Year by Starting Invisalign Treatment

end of year invisalign philadelphia orthodontistsDecember is typically the time to wrap things up. People are heading into a week or two of vacation, eagerly awaiting the turn of the calendar onto a new year and new adventures. There’s nothing wrong, though, with starting something as the year ends – namely, customized Invisalign treatment.

Appreciate the Downtime

Any orthodontic treatment takes time to get used to. A week or even a few days of time off from school or work thanks to the holidays will allow you to get into a routine with your trays. You’ll get used to what it feels like to wear Invisalign and your new look with the aligners in place. You will go back to your regular daily life in the new year with Invisalign and feel confident about your improving self.

A Gift for Your Teen

If your teenager is on track to get braces, Invisalign Teen may work for them, especially if they had interceptive braces first or do not have severely misaligned teeth. The only difference between regular Invisalign and Invisalign Teen is that the latter is designed for adolescents with room built in for erupting adult teeth and wear indicators to ensure that the trays are worn as often as they’re supposed to be.

Look Ahead to Next Year

Invisalign treatment typically takes about one year to complete. Some patients have shorter treatment times – they only have a few crooked teeth or small malocclusions to correct – and may only wear the trays for six months. If you are the norm though, by this time next year you are likely to be wrapping up your treatment and showing off a beautifully aligned smile for the holidays, the new year, and all the years after.

Use Up Your FSA

Our Philadelphia orthodontic office accepts insurance and offers low-interest payment plans. We also accept flexible spending accounts (FSA). If you have an FSA or a health savings account (HSA), you can save a significant portion off your treatment cost by paying with pre-tax dollars. If you have funds leftover in your FSA, this is the best time of year to make the most of those use-it-or-lose-it benefits and invest in Invisalign treatment.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign can correct nearly everything that conventional dental braces can correct. If after a careful dental exam it’s clear that you are a good candidate for Invisalign, your orthodontist will discuss your lifestyle, habits, goals, and preferences with you to determine if this is the right treatment or if regular braces are the best choices.

There are many reasons to get Invisalign – it’s discreet, there are no food restrictions, you can take a “break” from it for a few minutes every day, it works quickly. Most patients are very interested in pursuing this treatment. But don’t overlook the benefits of conventional braces – which can be clear or tooth-colored and as unobtrusive as possible – because they may be your better option. Allow your orthodontist to guide you in the right direction.

Learn more about whether Invisalign is right for you. Contact Philadelphia Orthodontists and certified Invisalign providers Drs. Roberts or de Marsche in Center City to schedule a consultation.

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