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January 20th 2022

What Will Your Braces Timeline Look Like?

braces timeline roberts and de marsche philadelphia orthodontistsEvery orthodontic patient is different and there are many types of misalignment and crooked teeth that impact the kind of braces a person can wear and how long they must be worn. What’s most important is finding the Philadelphia orthodontist who has the experience and chairside manner to help you or your child through this teeth-straightening journey, whatever it looks like, whatever the timeline.

Change Your Perspective About Braces

No matter what they of orthodontics you have – whether conventional braces or Invisalign – they are a commitment. You will be obligated to take care of them daily and over a period of time, anywhere from six months to a few years, but, ultimately, you will have a straight, healthy smile that looks and feels amazing.

These numbers can be daunting but when you understand the timeline you’re dealing with and what the journey will look like from start to finish, you can appreciate what’s happening with your teeth and stay committed to the process.

Factors That Affect the Braces Timeline

For some people, it takes much longer to straighten their teeth than others. Your unique journey will depend on several factors, including:

  • Whether you had interceptive orthodontics: Some kids get early braces when they’re in elementary school and before they’ve lost all their baby teeth. They may get an expander or other appliance too. These interventions help the jaw and mouth develop properly and can make the teeth far easier and faster to align in the future when it’s time for full braces.
  • The kind of misalignment you have: Teeth that are severely misaligned will take longer to straighten than just a few crooked or gapped teeth, or teeth that have relapsed from previous orthodontic treatment.
  • What kind of braces you have: People who qualify for the light version of Invisalign may only be looking at a few months of treatment. People who need a full course of conventional braces should anticipate being in braces for at least two years. Of course, retainer wear after all braces, no matter how long you’ve worn them, is always a must.
  • How well you comply: The success of a patient’s orthodontics is always up to them, not their orthodontist. If you take care of your braces as instructed, keep your appointments, and wear your retainers, this simple compliance will be the difference between failure and success.

Get Braces from an Orthodontist Near Me in Philadelphia

You and your Center City orthodontist will get to know each other well over the course of your treatment, as you devote time to taking care of your braces and they devote time to straightening your teeth. Know that, together, you are working to reach the same goals – a straight, healthy, more beautiful smile that functions well and feels great.

From the first evaluation to the last and everything in between, there is a route to a straight smile for adults and teens. Contact certified Invisalign providers and orthodontists Dr. Roberts and Dr. de Marsche at Philadelphia Orthodontists to schedule a consultation and learn more about what’s possible for you.

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