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April 19th 2022

4 Good Reasons to Start Your Braces in the Summer

start braces in summer philadelphia orthodontistsAnytime is a good time to get your braces or Invisalign. Some patients, though, have reasons they might prefer the warmest months of the year to get their orthodontic treatment underway. Here are just some factors to consider as you determine whether you’re ready for braces in summertime or some other time.

1. School’s Out

Tweens and teens who are getting braces may be happy for this milestone to begin during their summer break from school. After all, being out of school means:

  • Not having friends watch you eat with braces in place
  • Adjusting to a different look in the privacy of your own home
  • Brushing and flossing in private

Of course, when school starts again, you will still have braces, and you will have to eat in front of people, and you will look a little different, and you will have to clean your braces and teeth – but after several weeks of getting used to the routine, making it work in school will be easy.

2. Great Food Options

You can get plenty of ice cream and smoothies and other soft treats anytime of year, but no time of year screams for these kind of goodies like summertime. When your teeth are feeling sensitive and sore – and even Invisalign wearers experience this discomfort from time to time – it’s nice to know that a cold, soothing, soft food or beverage is right at your fingertips.

3. There’s Time for You to Do You

Wearing braces is a lifestyle, and teens who are adjusting to growing up and figuring out who to be in general can get thrown off by the injection of braces into their persona. It’s inevitable that they will have moments of self-consciousness, even if their peers have braces just like them.

Summer creates an opportunity for them to get used to the hardware on their teeth and their appearance with braces – or with their Invisalign Teen – on their own time. They can even test out a few different types of elastics on their teeth by the time school starts again in the fall and decide which colors and patterns serve them best. In short, summer gives teens time to get used to sporting braces – and that’s important for this young demographic.

4. Appointments Made Easy

There won’t be any school missed if braces are put on during the summer. Scheduling checkups to make sure everything is working right or to pick up the next sets of Invisalign aligners will be easier to get on the calendar because there won’t be afterschool activities, a ton of extracurriculars, or other commitments. After those first several appointments are taken care of, routine follow-up visits will be faster and easier.

Get Braces in Summer in Philadelphia

Sure, you’ll still have braces come the start of the school year, and you’ll have to get through lunch and practices and social events with them in place. But when you have the summer to get used to the new you, it’ll be that much easier to head back into class.

Are you a new patient? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roberts or Dr. de Marsche at Philadelphia Orthodontists for yourself or your child and find out what orthodontic treatment is right for you.

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