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June 16th 2022

Why You Must Wear a Retainer After Braces

retainer after braces philly orthodontistsRetainers are the last piece of orthodontic treatment. Whether you have worn traditional metal braces or Invisalign, when your teeth are fully in alignment, you will be issued a customized retainer. More hardware on your teeth? Longer treatment? Yes and yes, but it’s not as bad as you think – and it could be argued that a retainer after braces is the most important part of your orthodontic journey.

Your Teeth Could Still Move

Braces move and shift teeth into alignment – which means teeth are moveable. And if they moved once, they could move again if they’re not firmly kept in place by a retainer. The last thing you want after months and years of dedication to your treatment is to relapse and have teeth revert back to whatever position they were in before. Retainers keep your newly aligned teeth in place.

Even if you skip your retainer for a few weeks or, gulp, months, the consequences will be dire. Your teeth could move so dramatically that your retainer may not even fit any longer. You’ll need to be fitted for a new one – and live with the reality that your perfectly aligned teeth are not in the same position anymore, and might even require orthodontic treatment again.

Keep It In Perspective

If you were an Invisalign patient, you wore the clear aligners for about a year (maybe more, maybe less). If you had metal braces, you were in treatment for about two years. Around the clock. That’s a lot of time and effort no matter how you look at it.

Retainers, though, don’t demand nearly as much time and attention. You may have to wear this appliance constantly for a few months when your treatment is complete but, after that, your orthodontist will likely inform you that you can just wear the retainer at night while you sleep to reinforce the new positions of your teeth and their roots.

You’re Not Alone

Everyone who wears braces has a retainer afterward. There is no getting around it. No changing the system. No convincing your orthodontist you’re good without one. If you have braces, you have a retainer, no questions asked.

Everyone Who Has Braces Will Wear a Retainer – Even You

Many people try to think of ways to get around wearing a retainer, but this appliance is the great unifier among orthodontic patients. Whether you’re an adult, a teen, or anywhere in between, a retainer is in your future. We get it, you don’t want one more obligation after orthodontic treatment, but retainers are simple and aren’t demanding. They’re you’re insurance policy that all the hard work you put into straightening your smile was worth it.

Have Fun with It

Retainers are available in all different patterns and colors, just like braces and the accompanying rubber bands. You can even get clear retainers, just like Invisalign trays, that are discreet and clear. Your orthodontist will be your guide in selecting the retainer that’s best for your preferences, oral healtha, and lifestyle.

Get a Retainer After Braces in Philly

Your Philly Orthodontists, Drs. Roberts & de Marsche, are ready to help you feel comfortable about your orthodontic treatment and your retainer after braces. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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