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July 13th 2022

Away from Home? Everything You Need to Clean Your Braces

clean your braces philadelphia orthodontistsWhether you’re going on vacation, packing a bag for school or work, or visiting family for a long weekend, you don’t want to be caught without the tools you need to clean your braces. Your routine should stay the same whether you’re at home or not with a simple but essential travel kit for your braces or Invisalign.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Travel-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste are easy to find. The brushes often fold up for easy stashing in your pocket or bag, and you can test out new flavors and brands of toothpastes to have fun with your away-from-home braces-cleaning routine.


Having food stuck between your teeth is annoying anytime, but especially when you have braces. Particles stuck between brackets and wires and teeth are not only unsightly, they’re a problem because leaving them to fester – especially in the same place day after day – can lead to tooth decay. Floss threaders are small, easy to carry around, and often come in single-use packets for maximum convenience.

Interproximal Brush

Anyone who wears conventional braces is well-acquainted with the interproximal or interdental brush. Colloquially known as an in-betweener, this miniature tool is easy to keep with you so food stuck in unpleasant places can be easily fished out. This is especially handy for someone with conventional metal braces but it’s also great for an Invisalign patient who doesn’t want to get food stuck between teeth and aligners.

Invisalign Case

Don’t underestimate the importance of your Invisalign case in your cleaning routine. This is an accessory you want to always have with you so when you are cleaning your teeth and trays, you have somewhere to store your aligners to keep them safe. It’s easy to misplace or forget your Invisalign trays, especially when you’re away from home and not keeping normal hours or your usual routine. Invisalign or Invisalign Teen is always safe in its case when not on your teeth.

A Dedicated Bag

There are small bags in all shapes, sizes, and styles for toting around your braces cleaning kit when you’re traveling or when you’re just going out for the day. You can keep a separate bag in your car, locker, desk drawer, purse, pocket, or backpack. Having all of the above items in your dedicated bag will always ensure that you have everything you need at the ready no matter where you are, no matter when.

You only wear braces for a year or two, depending on whether you’re sporting Invisalign or metal braces, and establishing and maintaining a careful cleaning routine is an important part of your treatment. Prioritize cleaning your braces so your smile always looks great – even if it’s covered in metal brackets and wires, people still see your teeth and they should be as clean as possible so they look great.

Part of wearing braces is cleaning your teeth several times a day, and having a braces cleaning kit at the ready ensures that you always are ready. The goal is to create a straight smile with braces, and a healthy one too. Start right away with great oral hygiene and help from your orthodontists at Philadelphia Orthodontists in Center City.

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