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May 21st 2021

6 Rules of Eating for Invisalign Wearers

invisalign rules of eating philadelphia orthodontistsIf you’re familiar with Invisalign, you know there are no eating restrictions for wearers. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to worry about brackets and wires getting in the way. However, even though there is freedom around food, there are still some rules that must be followed.

1. Remove Invisalign Before Eating

Whether you’re having a tiny snack or a big meal, you must remove your Invisalign aligners before you chow down. If you don’t take Invisalign out before you put food in your mouth, you could damage the trays significantly or even break them and interfere with the progress of your treatment. Those aligners are not made to withstand the kind of pressure that teeth exert when you’re chewing food.

2. Only Drink Water with Invisalign in Place

If you have a habit of sipping coffee, soda, or energy drinks throughout the day, this vice is going to have to be put on hold during Invisalign treatment. If any beverage other than water comes in contact with your super-thin, incredibly clear trays it could discolor them – and make them smell bad too. Save your favorite beverages for mealtimes and only drink water with Invisalign in place.

3. Avoid Temptation

You know those tiny little snacks? That one little innocent bite? That small sip? A food or drink may not seem like a big deal if you just pop it in your mouth with Invisalign in place, but that moment of weakness could backfire. Sure, you only wear each set of trays for about two weeks. You might think it’s no big deal if they get a little stained or stinky. But the whole point of Invisalign is that it’s clear and nearly undetectable. If you want to keep it that way and prevent others from noticing that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, always remove your trays for eating, even if it’s a little bite that seems inconsequential.

4. Practice Safe Storage

You are given a case to safely store your Invisalign when you’re not wearing them. Make it a habit to carry this container with you when you know you’ll be away from home and having meals or snacks. The case protects your trays from getting lost, accidentally discarded, or misplaced. The carrying case is especially important for wearers of Invisalign Teen and allows teenagers to discreetly stash their trays during lunchtime at school or when they’re hanging out with friends.

5. Clean Up After You’re Done

Wearing any type of orthodontics is a commitment, and Invisalign is no different even though it looks dramatically different than traditional braces. You still have to keep your trays and teeth clean to protect your oral health. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth before putting the trays back in place. The last thing you want is to capture any lingering food particles or bacteria in between trays and teeth and create an environment that’s ripe for decay.

6. Appreciate the Perks

Invisalign wearers have the best of all worlds. They’re getting their teeth straightened but without anyone really knowing about it and they can continue to eat everything they love without any limitations. Conventional braces wearers can’t do that.

Enjoy orthodontic treatment without restrictions. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign from Dr. Roberts or Dr. de Marsche at Philadelphia Orthodontists in Center City. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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